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Sage Float Spa

Why Float? When you need to realign, unplug and soak in ultimate relaxation make your way down 41st ave to Sage Float Spa.   Floating in a saturated solution of Epsom salts and water frees you from the sensation of gravity, temperature, touch, sight and sound. The experience enhances your mental, physical and emotional well […]

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Santa Cruz Cryotherapy

RECOVER. RESTORE. REVITALIZE. Cryo..what? Fitness enthusiasts have been soaking in ice baths for decades, but Cryotherapy (basically the process of using cold temps for their health benefits) has become the new fad.  Whole Body Cryotherapy is available in a chamber that uses liquid nitrogen.  It claims to decrease pain, improve recovery, slow cell aging and […]

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Capitola Veterinary Hospital

For over 20 years Capitola Veterinary Hospital has been serving the pets of Santa Cruz County.  As soon as I walked in their door, I was impressed by the friendliness of their staff.  In addition to routine preventative care,  they offer advanced services including;  in-house ultrasound, stem cell therapy, orthopedic surgeries by board certified surgeons, […]

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