Ugly Mug Coffeehouse

Ugly Mug Coffeehouse

Ugly Mug Coffeehouse

Ugly Mug Coffeehouse

Located at Soquel and Porter St. the Ugly Mug is a local hangout and cafe favorite for freelancers. With good coffee and a central location on Soquel Dr, there is pretty much always a good mellow crowd here.

Ugly Mug Music

Ugly mug has regular weekly events including open mic nights, just band sing alongs and a twice monthly acoustic series. you can see the Ugly Mug’s event calendar here :

Ugly Mug Events

They have additional events too, check out the calendar above.

Ugly Mug Menu

Coffee, tea, blended drinks and simple cafe food from cookies to panini sandwiches.

Ugly Mug Fish Tank

They have a nice big tank at the Ugly Mug, so you can sit and relax with tea and fish friends.

ugly mug fishtank

The Ugly Mug’s fishtank

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