Winkle Ave

Winkle sign crop

Winkle Ave. An old farm house neighborhood in Unincorporated Santa Cruz

Although technically considered a top knot of Live Oak, this neighborhood was cut off from the rest of Live oak in the 1960’s, with the expansion of Hwy 1. Very few locals who live in the neighborhood consider or even know that this neighborhood was once part of Live Oak. Most Winkle residents, when asked, will tell you that they live in Unincorporated Santa Cruz, By Dominican or Close to Soquel.

  • Upper Crust Pizza
  • Santa Cruz Veterinary Hospital
  • El Chino Restaurant
  • Mel’s Market
  • Pot Doctor
  • Drew’s Used Tools
  • Jelli Beanz
  • Saaborama
  • Winkle Farm Community
  • Winkle Farm Park

Upper Crust Pizza

Upper Crust Pizza

Ernesto Flipping Pies

Address: 2501 Soquel Dr, Santa Cruz, CA 95065
Phone:(831) 476-2333

Possibly my favorite gluten free pizza in town

Santa Cruz Veterinary Hospital

Address: 2585 Soquel Dr, Santa Cruz, CA 95065
Phone:(831) 475-5400

For the dogs, and the rest of the animals too.

El Chino Restaurant

El Chino Restaurant

El Chino Restaurant

Address: 2525 Soquel Dr # A, Santa Cruz, CA 95065
Phone:(831) 476-7175

Is this restaurant mascot racist?

Mel’s Market

Mel's Market Pot Doctor

Mel’s Market and a Pot Doctor

This place has gone through many incarnations, It also doesn’t shop up in Google.

Golden State Medical Evaluations

Another spot to get a medical marijuana card. Interestingly this building housed a flower shop “Jaqui’s Florist” for many years.

Drew’s Used Tools

Address: 3022 Winkle Ave, Santa Cruz, CA 95065
Phone:(831) 477-2883

Used tools, parts and pieces. Drew’s has a good sized warehouse full of used tools , right at the end of winkle.

Jelli Beanz on Soquel Ave

Jelli Beanz

Address: 2555 Soquel Dr, Santa Cruz, CA 95065
Phone:(831) 462-6700

kids clothing and toys


Address: 2335 Soquel Dr, Santa Cruz, CA 95065

Half way between Winkle and Thurber Lane, this specialty Saab Mechanic has a very loyal following of Saab Owners, who swear by Saaborama’s expertise.

harbor scene painted switchbox

Mural Switchbox – Arturo Thomae

This harbor scene was painted by Arturo Thomae. Check out additional Santa Cruz Switchboxes: here

Winkle Farm Community

The residents of Winkle Ave have put together their own community page, which you can find at

Winkle Farm Park

About a third of the way up Winkle Ave is Winkle Farm Park. This farm property was once owned by a farmer named McDonald (literally) who was in no way a fan of children. His wife, neighbors say, donated the property to the city under the condition that it be used as a children’s park. WE think that story makes for a pretty decent (and entertainingly spiteful) local legend!

Winkle Farm Park Map